Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery Travel Surprises

Posted in Hong Kong | June 14, 2012

Some of the most fascinating travels are had in the lands providing the most ancient sights and the regions having the most mesmerizing locales. There are so many intriguing things in the world that provide so many interesting travel sights that tours to certain parts of the word always are special.

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Hong Kong is one such example for the tour delights intriguing the tourists coming to this part of the world. Situated on the Po fook Hill at the village of Pai Tau, in Shatin, this is one attraction that never fails to intrigue the tourist. Founded in the year 1949, this is a lovely monastery that is not totally managed by laypersons. The Reverend Yuet Kai founded it and the tourists coming here sometimes get this confused with the Po Fook Hills Ancestral Halls which are found lying just below it.

ten thousand buddhas monastery

The Reverend Yuet Kai was born in a rich family in the southern part of China in the region of Kumming in the year 1878. He was a very artistic person and also a skied lyre player. He was very good at poetry and also studied philosophy in one of the Chinese universities. When he was around 19, he decided to give his entire life to Buddhism and is believed to have set his flesh to fire and also cut off of his fingers. This he used to light the forty eight oil lamps that he it in front of the Buddha. This is the way he demonstrated his faith in the Buddha.

The year 1933 saw Yuet Kai come to Hong Kong and preaching Buddhism in a monastery that was in the local regions. He had actually planned that he would establish a college for the Buddhists, but the he found that it was better to build a monastery and then thus he did this and then initiated the construction of the ten thousand Buddha monasteries.

ten thousand buddhas monastery in hong kong

It is said that in spite of his age, Yuet Kai carried the materials for building personally and the entire buildings of the monastery got over in the year 1957. But around ten years were needed to compete some of the Buddha statues. These statutes are on display in the waf of the main temple. There are around 13,000 such temples. .

Then the Reverend Yuet Kai passed away in the year 1965 and he was buried for around eight months in a coffin which was kept on the hillside and after eight months was embalmed with a Chinese lacquer which was printed with gold leaf and was also draped in robes and also lot of decorations. The body was then placed in a glass case and kept in the main attar. Today the corpse is known by the name of the “The Diamond Indestructible Body of Yuexi.

Tthe corpse and the monastery were redecorated in the year 1968, where some of the pavilions were constructed and the statues repainted and many of the pavilion had to be rebuilt. The statures inside also needed a lot of painting and a coating to make them look new totally. There were lot of flooding and landslides sometime in the year 1977 and this destroyed the monastery totally. The monastery was in fact closed for a couple of years and even today the upper level of the monastery has some constructional activities going on.

With the Shatin region lying right in front of the Ten Thousand Buddha monastery, there are two levels on which the monastery has been built, and the lovely bamboo forests and the majestic hillsides alongwith the beautiful pavilions provide ideal travel delights. This has around five temples and four pavilion is and also a pagoda and a verandah which can be reached with the 431 steps here. Then there are the lovely sights of the 500 life size Arhan statues.

Come here and enjoy the sights of the lovely Ten thousand Buddha Monasteries and see the architectural elegance of the ancient times. This is one land that shouldn’t be given a miss in Hong Kong.

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