Hundred Islands National Park

Posted in Philippines | February 14, 2013

Philippines is a lovely place to visit in this part of Asia and it has its own legendary tales and legends to explore. Visit this part of the world and enjoy the sight of the hundred islands that is a place which is believed to be the place where noble soldiers fought for their country. There are many islands here and there are three of them that have been developed and also are very enjoyable from a tourist’s point of view. The Quezon Island, Children’s island are popular islands here. it is very easy to get around so just take a ride in the bust to Anda Alaminos and then take a ferry which will take you to the island. Children’s Island is named thus as they are the perfect ones for the youngsters. With shallow water surrounding them, this is very suitable for all children to play.

Hundred Islands National Park is a lovely group of islands in the Alaminos City in Pangasinan and is in the Lingayen Gulf. The entire region has around 123 islands and also islets which are believed to have been formed some two million years ago.

Just around a few hours from Manila, this is a great place to live in away from the busy city life. this is a cheap way to enjoy the beautiful tropical land of Phillipines and is a great day tour zone. People also come here for camping and overnight accommodations in all these islands.

The lovely white beaches filled with sand against the background of cliffs and limestone rocks and fascinating caves with the richest kind of marine life. this is a lovely place to visit and provides you with a memorable tour in Asia.

Alaminos city is the entry point to the Hundred Islands National Park and is around five hours from Manila. It is the most popular tourist spot in Pangasinan and is a very ancient land mass. Hundred Islands is a lovely destination and is a great way of enjoying tours to the beautiful land of Philippines . Then you have the Barangay Lucap Lighthouse which gives you the best ways of enjoying tours here. This is a beautiful structure here and provides you with a cherishable travel tale.

There are cottages in Children’s Islands, Quezon, and Governor’s Islands which are rented and visitors coming here enjoy the pleasures of the stays here. Campers have the facility of choosing from the islands that allow and permit camping. With beach bumming and island, hopping the pleasures of visiting this part of Asia is something that is unbelievable.

Then you also have the pleasures of playing in water from the high cave in the Marco’s Island. Trek up to the top of the cliff in the Governor’s islands and get to see the very beautiful view of the park. Snorkeling pleasures and diving delights are an added attraction to all who come to this part of the world. Besides people, also go kayaking and experience the pleasures so sunset and sunrise watching.

Visit the beaches in the adjoining areas of Tondol, Bolinao,  and Dasol. There is also a Church here at the Our Lady of Manaoag Church which is said to be a magnificent Church for the Catholics.

The best time to visit the Hundred Island National Park is from the month of November to April . Dry months are also good and it is ideally better to get your own mask and also a snorkel set. People normally leave Manila and reach the Barangay Lucap in the morning and from here they start vesting the islands.

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