Exciting Tales from Bumthang Valley

Posted in Bhutan | October 12, 2012

Come to the beautiful land of Bhutan and bask in the pleasures of the Bumthang Valley. Enjoy the lovely terrain here and the beautiful rhododendrons which are a major feature of this region. The First valley Chumey is a wide area and has barley, wheat, potatoes and buckwheat cultivated. Famous for the Bumthang Yatra it is very popular for the wool weaving and is a major attraction for tours here. the Bumthang Valley ahs the Choekar in the west, and Jakar and Tang in the east. Jakar is the main capital and thus tours to this part of the world are interesting, exciting and filled with adventure.

Bhutan is a place with majestic fortresses, beautiful forests and divine temples. There is a natural beauty to this place and the entire region seems to be a part of a huge paradise here. The flora is basically made up of beautiful rhododendrons and shrubs and spring flowers.

Tours and expeditions to the Bumthang Valley normally start from the Paro Valley where people love to see the Spectacular Tiger’s Nest. Then there are remote forests that are traversed and then of course the river valleys and meadows. Then the trek goes and halts at Drugyel Dzongs and Rimpung, besides of course the Punakha and Dochu La Pass. The six day trek weaves through passes and forests and makes up a major portion of the cultural hub of Bhutan.

With the elaegnuses, buddleias and rhododendrons dominating the scene, the other endemic plants only add to the excitement. The people are friendly here and the ambience of the Himalayan background gives you the feeling of being in paradise.

Food is provided in the trek and the main meals are at Katmandu. Then there is a variety of lodges and hotels that are available for accommodation. The first place that you visit in treks here is the Haa Valley, and this is a place providing a great view of the valley. The Chele la Pass has snow all over and the beauty of the snow capped peaks offers a greatly memorable sight.

Then one drives across the Dhochula Pass and reaches Punakha. This is the winter capital of Bhutan. There are Dzongs here which are filled with greatly interesting architecture, and fascinating murals, and tourists love to bask in the serene beauty of the entire region. Hikes through the paddies and villages are another way of having excitement and as you move on the secluded Phobjika Valley you would surely be thankful you chose to visit the Bumthang Valley in your tours. Phobjika Valley is the winter residence of the Black Necked Cranes and many come specially to see this in tours.

Cross the black mountain range at the Pele la pass and then come down to Bumthang valley in the central part of Bhutan. This is the cultural hub of Bhutan and is the main venue of the innumerable festivals held here. Explore the festivals, the villages, the Dzongs and the impressive sights.

Tourists on their way back then retrace back to Trongsa which is the ancestral Royal house in Bhutan. Then reach the Black Mountain range and experience the best scenic sights here and also the lovely handmade factories that are found in Thimphu. Hike here and also meet up with some monks who are seen living here. You could teach the monk some English and get to learn some Bhutanese from them.

Hike up the Takstang Monastery and get the best of Bumthang Valley experiences. You are sure to take back fond memories of your adventure and go back rejuvinated.

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