Shanghai China

Posted in China | November 11, 2010

When you look at Shanghai China , it always seem to look up ahead. And when you look up to explore its spirit of modernity, there is a new spirit that has risen, which is the spirit of conservation.

There is a huge structure which is four storeys, which is essentially a collection of venders, stalls, the largest – fake designer goods market and such other similar shops in this outlet in Shanghai China . You get Tag Hauer, Armani, Dio, Chloe, Piaget and dolce and Gabbana. You could attend the ‘lead up to the world’- expo; which usually begins in May and goes all the way till Jan.

The international luxury brand manufacturers try to put as much pressure as they can on the Chinese authorities to put a clamp on the fake markets. There is a good response and this could be nudged and winked more than clamped down through huge gigantic fake markets which are situated at the Xian yang road. This in fact was closed some time ago.  Also this place is the one that is on the Nanjing road.

So, during the autumn evening you might most probably find yourself going through the forest with arms that are stretched wide out. Heading to the shops selling big brands with awesome stuff like leather jackets, perfumes, jewellery, branded sports goods, scarves, jumpers, handbags. There are lots of things to shop over here , although be cautioned as these fake items don’t necessarily work well and  the electronics might just stop working , and the handbags and clothes might just rip apart when you put any kind of weight on it.

You even get fake acrylics. The unique attribute about Taobao is that it has an international censure which has been promoted by brands that are quintessential to the consumer led future of china.  This is just proof that there is unstrained pragmatism and an entrepreneurial force that drives the city right from the time of it being incepted.

After you visit Taobao, you might find yourself many miles from across the big beautiful city which lies on the bund. This is a street that runs along the west banks of what seems like the Huangpu River.  There are luxury brand museums here with beautiful displays of Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and many other such well known luxury brands.

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