The Red Herring courtyard hotel in Beijing

Posted in China | October 11, 2010

When you are in Huong, there is a huge maze like alleyways which belongs to old Beijing.

The Cote Cour is quite similar to this traditional courtyard and the wide layout.  This place has an imperial shade of red and large black lacquer which gives an awesome contrast as against the usual carved door and pots made with porcelain which is all made with pavilion architecture.

There are about ten rooms and suites and all of these follow a different theme.  This place is from a huge pink palette of the entire Kingdom of Tibet. The hues of which are quite subtle when you actually run the whole thing by, let us say the Bamboo or the white house.

The hotel is not just any other general hotel. In fact when you wake up you would be sure to know exactly where you are.

There are many restaurants here and these serve you both Chinese and western type food. The coffee here is quite good and the breakfast is known to be one of the best offered in the region.  There is a rather small and very appealing white Russian bar. This place has lacquered Chinese doors which have offset bar stools and shelves that are all well lit.

When you step off the hard, dusty street which have dull street lights and the color is quite a riot and the service here is quite amazing. The grey coats which the staff wear are usually floor length and highly traditional, giving you that exotic feeling.

The restaurant has been given a lime green and yellow hue to it, making it quite unique and the kind of place that you would want to hang out at.

You could reach the restaurant at 0086106460686 and you could also check more about them at www.Red

The best time to actually visit this place would be somewhere in autumn or the spring would be even better, in fact!

Beijing is a city that is quite past paced and might need a little warming up to; or else it could get quite overwhelming. You should definitely get acclimatized at the Aman summer palace. You could reach the Aman palace at 0080022552626. And you could check them out at

This place was actually made to accommodate the many guests who come here and wait for an audience. The audiences are usually gathered along with and because of the Empress. There are fifty one rooms in all. And a variety of restaurants and libraries are spread out all over different places in the courtyard and the many pavilions.

These are connected by the many corridors which have huge ceilings painted artistically and it usually gives a very reminiscing feeling that gets connected by corridors. There is the king’s long corridor. The service here is awesome.  The emperors and empresses at all part of a huge sage that has been traditional of high regard and traditional importance which has infused into the culture and warmth that the people from here relate to and feel like they still are part of that great ancient story with those great kings and queens and they’re merry folk!

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