Mongolia on Foot

Posted in Mongolia | July 8, 2010

Have you ever heard of the Mongolia 2010 expedition ? A British adventurer Ripley Davenport has attempted a spectacular solo journey into the wilderness of Mongolia. He is attempting to travel alone for about seventeen hundred miles; first on foot through the Gobi desert continuing his journey through the Altai mountains. Later, he will mount all his gear and supplies in a cart that has been specially designed for this journey.

Mongolia is a land of Nomads. The country is very poorly populated. It is essentially landlocked with china on its south and Russia to its north. Kazakhstan lies to the west of it.

The country has a lot of greenery. It is also called the ‘land of blue skies’. There are about two hundred and fifty days in a year with sunny days and temperatures during winters go well below zero. Because the country is quite big, diverse terrain is found on Mongolian land. Deserts, mountains and forests are quiet prominent. Being the sixth largest country in Asia, it is about four times the size of japan and about twice the size of Texas.

When the Huns were ruling Mongolia, they were known to be a violet tribe. So china started to build walls to defend itself from these tribes. These walls now are part of the great wall of china. The place is famous for its Naadam festivals , where wrestling, horse-racing and archery. Genghis khan would make his soldiers participate in these games so that they remain fit at all times.

His journey began in April and unfortunately; his cart broke down due to the rough mountain terrain. He made some modifications to the cart and made his second attempt in may. Since the beginning of his journey, he has completed the trek over the Mongolian steppe and has not reached toward the end of the Gobi desert . He has now reached and entered the foothills of the Altai mountains.

Ripley used to be a British army office. He is now a frequent adventurer. About half the journey still ahead of him, Ripley must (in order to to set the record for the unsupported and with no re-supplies; completely solo journey) remained determined and focused. He has to make sure he is taking care of himself, and his cart as well. Ripley’s cart has his food and water requirement. Without with the journey would be impossible.

Imagine what it would like to be in Ripley’s shoes and experience the challenges on his journey. Or , you could just come and visit the region and find out more about the lovely country of Mongolia.

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  1. Prue says:

    Mongolia on foot has to be one of the most awesome experiences ever..The deserts and hten the snow-capped mountains..WHAT A SIGHT TO BEHOLD!!

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