Polonnaruwa Tour Attractions

Posted in Sri Lanka | January 7, 2013

Visit Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka and come back totally enchanted in tours to this part of the world. Come here and bask in the delights of a land that is one of the most ancient cities and has the best of ponds, temples, statues and castles. This is the second Sri Lankan capital and also the most developed after Anuradhapura during the time kings ruled here. Polonnaruwa was chosen over Anuradhapura due to the fact that the South Indian armies were always a threat to the country and Polonnaruwa was much easier to protect as it had some natural fortifications. Defence was the mainstay so there aren’t many shrines and temples here in Polonnaruwa. Yet the place is very interesting and enchanting and a tourist enjoys coming here .

Gal Viharaya is the most attractive place in Polonnaruwa and is a must visit spot in this part of Sri Lanka. This is a Buddhist shrine and has four statues of Lord Buddha that is carved out of a rock. There is a lot of amazing skill shown here and there is not much room for any kind of mistake when you are using a rock to carve statues. There are some lovely patterns that are carved out in the stone around the statue of Buddha that is shown in a seated position. Four Buddha idols are also shown standing , seated and reclined position. Historically quite famous this is a lovely land filled with great delights.

Polonnaruwa Museum is another place to visit and is a must do in travels here. Explore the city and see the innumerable attractive spots here. Plan your trip such that you can go around all the small places here and experience the pleasures of being in a lovely ancient city.

Nissanka Latha Mandapaya is another lovely building in Polonnaruwa and the place gets its name from King Nissanka Malla the king who constructed it. This is a place that was used by the kings to listen to Pirith. A lovely fascinating structure which has some good carvings and majestic stone columns. The stone columns have a roof to support and there is a certain specialty about the building so it is best that you make this a must see locale on tours to Polonnaruwa.

Then you have the Lankathilaka temple which is another impressive structure built around 18 m in height and was constructed by King Parakramabahu. There is a lovely statue of Lord Buddha here and the main thing is that the statue has no head. There are some more beautiful carvings in the walls of the temples and some well guarded stones that are found here.

Visit the Royal Palace and see this building by King Parakramabahu and go back to a time when there was a royal ffamily ruling here. The stone walls at the lower level and the beautiful seven stored structure can only have the best of stone lion carvings and also walls with the most beautiful elephants carved on them.

Polonnaruwa is a beautiful place to visit and the sheer ancientness of the place is filled with something spectacular and enchanting. Sri lanka is a land of culture, tradition, and values. The places in and around Sri Lanka are filled with sights that beckon a tourist to see more and more. Visit this beautiful land and see your innermost dreams come alive.

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