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Posted in Vietnam | July 6, 2010

Vietnam is a southeastern country neighboring China, Laos and Cambodia.

Vietnam has been colonized many times. China, itself occupied Vietnamese about four times. In fact, when Vietnam was independent; it still remained as a tributary state to China. Later the French colonized the country. Thus, the Vietnamese culture is a mix of both Chinese and French cultures. Although the country basis its social etiquette on Confucianism.

The united states came in to help south Vietnam with a quick action plan, which turned out into a bloody battle. Although now, when an American tourist goes to Vietnam, they are welcomed and treated well, because the Vietnamese people have taken well to the American culture.

Lets us check out some places that you could visit in Vietnam.

Con Dao

This is the island which is just off the Mekong Delta.

Cu chi

This place is the famous site of the Cu Chi tunnels.

Cuc Phuong National Park

This place has some of the rarest wildlife in Asia. This national park is also home to the Muong hill tribe.

My Son

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it has the most outrageous remains from the ancient Hindu era.

The most comfortable way to travel around in Vietnam is by train. Lots of locals also travel by trains so you can get acquainted and get to know the place a lot better. You can also use buses to travel to the city center. There are lots of local buses that take you to most places that you would want to go to in the city. Also there are open tour buses which are run by many tour companies. These cater to tourists mainly. And the rates are pretty low.

While you are here, be sure to check out the motorbike adventure tours. The many tour operators will be more than glad to set you up with one. So that you can go to the off beaten roads and almost anyplace not being bothered about the many traffic jams and such. The tour operators will also set you with with helmets, petrol, drivers and most importantly accommodation.

The food here is off the hook, Vietnamese culture revolves around food. The cuisine is known for being bland. Famous dishes here are mi Huang which is noddles with herbs pork and shrimp. Rice noodles with thick crab soup and beef soup with herbs and noodles. Fish sauce is a part of most Vietnamese dishes. The national dish of Vietnam is Pho. This is a thick broth soup with rice noodles and chicken or beef.

Have an authentic oriental experience in Vietnam. Where the food is just lovely, the people are friendly and the land is filled with adventure.

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  1. brian says:

    Vietnam has got a fantastic cultural background which is depicted through its architecture and festivities..I love this place and feel very attached to it as my parents were born here..

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