Beautiful Tales From The Historic Town Of Vigan

Posted in Philippines | June 4, 2013

Vigan is a beautiful Spanish Colonial Town in the beautiful confines of Asia in Phillipines . The architecture here reflects a combination of culture from all parts of the world. the town is beautiful and has no comparison with any place in South East Asia and Asia.

Vigan is a beautiful example of a trading town from Europe in this part of the world and has a beautiful architecture of design and materials. With fusion of Asian construction and beautiful building design, this is a European colonial zone filld with lot of planning and architecture. Located on the Abra River delta, this lies off the coastal plain of the China Sea and is found very near the north eastern end of the Luzon island. the Rivers Mestizo and Govantes divide the area into two.

The historic town of Vigan has building materials like wood, terracotta, shells, lime and stone which have all been obtained from the nearby areas. A typical Vigan house is based on the Filipino kind of construction and has a small one room hut that has been constructed from light materials like bamboo thatch, wood etc. These are raised on stilts so that the entire house is well ventilated and also protects the house from monsoon flooding. But today, the Vigan region does not have these houses instead you have the stone house or the bahay na bato. This has a lower storey built of stone. There is an upper storey made of timber. The roof is made of tiles and this is very much like the Chinese architecture. Chinese society had a trend of the workplace below and the residence above.

The historic city of Vigan has important buildings, with lot of cultural influences. The main buildings include the Cathedral of St. Paul, the St. Paul’s College, The Archbishop’s Palace, the Catholic Cemetery Chapel and the provincial Capitol.

With beautiful structures, the historic town of Vigan is a beautiful place to visit in Phillipines.

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