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Travel Delights At Yangon

Posted in Myanmar | May 4, 2013

Visit Yangon in the beautiful land of Myanmar and enjoy the travel experiences in this amalgamated region of Burmese, Chinese, British, and Indian culture. This largest Myanmar city is a great example of unique British colonial architecture and interesting places.

Take a trip to the Pagoda here and enjoy this lovely Greek cross with four entrances dominating the structure. Following the steps to the top, you would find an octagonal intersection and the Stupa at the centre. There are smaller shrines surrounding the stupa and there is a Buddha icon in the middle. With the four walkways forming the mainstay of the visits here, the Eastern Walkway is the most interesting with many vendors dominating the area. So all your shopping for lacquer ware, candles, thanaka, gold leaf, candles, and other items can be had here.

With beautiful stylized lions guarding the doorway, this is a structure that looks stupendous with many neon highlights dominating the profile in true Las Vegas style at night. 3D murals here occupying the walls of the temple are another major attraction.

The Pagoda platform is very similar to the kaaba at Mecca and is surrounded by a vast space. This is a great religious space where people like to enjoy the simple ambience without any kind of pomp. Visit the Day Shrines also where you have a temple for every day of the week all of them occupying the eight corners of the stupa. In the Burmese calendar there are two parts for Wednesday, so the week has eight days.

The statue of Wa Thon Da, the guardian angel of the earth who is believed to have used her long tresses to save the Buddha from being burnt is found here. The tresses are seen in the statue providing awe.

Visit the Arakanese Prayer Pavilion, and the Maha Ganda Bell or the Singu Min Bell, which are fascinating visual delights.

Thus, tours to Yangon never are dull and fill your travels with memorable experiences.

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