Exotic Pleasures at Ari Atoll

Posted in Maldives | April 4, 2013

Ari Atoll is one of the most beautiful locales in the western part of fascinating Maldives. Spanning over an enthralling stretch of visual delights and scenic beauty, there is a northern and a southern section to this enchanting travel locale, which is just around half an hour’s sea plane ride away from Male the capital of Maldives .

Twenty islands are specially designated as tourist hubs here. Each of these islands have all the conveniences and facilities of a good resort so tourists really enjoy coming here, enjoying the idyllic surroundings and take back with them a valued travel kitty.

Popular as a good scuba diving destination, Ari Atoll provides the ultimate pleasures of a top tourist spot. Most of the tourist resorts here are in the islands like Ari Beach, Halaveli, Twin Islands, Dhoni, Mayyafushi, and Mighilli.

Atolls are formed from the coral debris with lagoons separating them. Exotic fish abound here and the simple pleasures of seeing the blue skies and the clear waters are unbeatable. The green palm trees, the magnificent Indian Ocean, and the bright sun provide the perfect setting for a fantastic getaway spot in this part of Asia.

November and February are the best to visit this region. The surrounding islands provide a great travel delight and add to this the unique luxury of boat transfers and you are ready with a good package deal in Asian tours.

Visit Veligandu Kandu, which is a beautiful, channel around 10 metres deep. Here the reef slopes down and there is a huge coral garden in the middle of the channel.  A great diving spot, tourists also come here to see the manta rays.

The Fushi Faru in the Ukulhas Island dominated by whale sharks is where one can enjoy the sights of the white tip reef sharks and the red toothed tiger fish.

With such memorable pleasures tours to Ari Atoll, fill your travels with something cherishable and wonderful to take back.

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