The Sunday market and the West Lake, china

Posted in China | August 2, 2010

At the foot of The Parmir Mountains, you might find it hard to believe that you are still in china. The place looks as though it has been stuck in the early hundreds.  The remote city called kashgar has a very diverse and mid boggling Sunday market which may attract enthusiastic tourists and is also a very famous photography arena.

This place is supposed to be the largest market in the whole of the world. This place has about one hundred and fifty thousand people. This market has been on every weekend from about one thousand years. The Muslim Uighurs who make up the majority of the population in the Xingjian province. This place is sized almost like Alaska.

The women here come dressed up in brown gauze that come here to trade and sell and bargain about sheep and other cattle.  You can find exchange and bargaining   of even dowry chests, horses, daggers, fruits, carpets. This was about the same time that Marco polo came to this region.  This was mostly during the thirteenth century. And about the time he was heading east.

There was a silk road that was made for kashgar when it was prospering, although this died out after the fifteenth century. The sea routes here were mostly used for the purpose of trade.

Kashgar lies to the east of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan borders. This place also has a lot of similarities culture with Beijing and neighboring places.

The xishuangbanna is a remote agricultural province that is located in the rural part of china. This place borders Myanmar and then Laos on the other side.  The small towns here in the xishuangbanna region are some of the biggest tourist attractions here in the region. This place brings in most of the tourist population in here. This place is also home to most of the ethnic populations in this region.  During any kind of festivals and market holidays, there are about twenty five hill tribes that attend the function. The ai fro the zhuan, the Buddhist Dai, these two are amongst the most popular ones here.  The tribal people still wear their traditional clothing. They also stick to their ethic colors, headwear abd body art.  Their trade of selling handicrafts has not changed in all these centuries as well.

Mount jizu is a Buddhist site which brings in a lot of visitors as well.  Many religious tourists come here quite often to witness the magical morning sunrise that can only be experienced in this place.

Lake Erhai here is famous for its boating activities. . The luman stone forest here is almost two hundred acres large and it is quite famous for its distinct eroded rocks.

A lot of backpacking crowd comes here to the amazing town of Dali. A lot of these travelers come her to stay and tune out of their traveling lifestyle for a couple of days and sometimes even longer.  The Yangtze River has a beautiful looking tiger looking gorge which is the deepest gorge in the world.  This place is famous for its unparalleled adventure activities. .

This place is just an approximation of the original Thai name of sip swang panna which means twelve districts growing rice.  Once you come here there are plenty of beautiful places to go to including the exotic. A very tropical and naturally rich south East Asia feeling is quite prevalent here.

The west lake

Hangzhou is one of the finest and most beautiful cities in the entire world.  This place offers a glimpse of old china and Marco polo one described this place as the finest and most beautiful city in the world.

This place shows you exactly what china would have been like in the old times.  Even after going through so many years of change and revolution, this place has not changed even after all these centuries. It also is responsible for attracting in many of the tourist population in his region. If you manage to go to the wild lake you will see that this has some of the liveliest sights in all of china!  The shores here are covered in mist and have many gardens, pagodas and teahouses.

This place is most beautiful when you visit here in July and august.  During that time this place gets covered completely with lotus flowers. Here you will also find Chinese vignette which is then joined by peach groves and orange scented acacia in he autumn.

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