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Posted in Afghanistan | December 1, 2011

Visit Afghanistan and go to Bamiyan, the main town in the province of Bamiyan. This lovely city with a huge ruin of Budha’s is a great tourist spot in Afghanistan. The place is filled with a natural beauty that is enviable and the surroundings entice the tourist to go round the place with a lot of interest.

This quite, calm city is situated around 240 km to the west of the city of Kabul. This tranquil zone in Afghanistan is the place where you can find Mother Nature in full bloom and the whole area seemingly coming alive with the cultural diversity that is found here.

Bamiyan is a place that has the best kind of ruins of the ancient past and the most interesting sculptures. The Kushan dynasty used to rule here and the caves of this period are still found here. The Bamiyan Buddha is popular worldwide and it owes its recognition to the visit of Hsuan-tsang and Fa-hien in  630AD and the 400 AD respectively. The Bamiyan city was a great, flourishing,magnificent city during the time of Kanishka’s reign. There were many conquests on Bamiyan and the Muslim conquests dominated the history in the year 871 AD. In the year 1221, Genghis Khan came and invaded the city and the city witnessed the worst of historical conquests.Then there was the civil war that occurred here between the Afghans and the English. This entirely destroyed the city. Even today, though Bamiyan boasts of a great history and culture, it is still one of the poorest Afghan cities.

Bamiyan Buddha

Tourists come to Bamiyan today to see the Bamiyan Buddha and the Bamiyan valley. The Buddha of Bamiyan are two idols that were destroyed in the year 2001 by the Taliban. The ruins of the monument are there for the tourist to see. The two Budha’s were 53m and 38 m in height. The statues were made of straw and mud and were painted in hues of dark red and multiple colours. There were various expressions shown in the statues and it was truly a great work of art.

The Bamiyan valley with its lovely greenery and located in the middle of the Hindu Kush Mountains is one of the most wondrous locales in Afghanistan. The UNESCO has not without reason labeled Bamiyan as a World Heritage Site. The innumerable caves add to the beauty in the valley .There are more than 750 caves in this part of the world. Buddhist frescoes decorate the caves and the added beauty is the lovely wall painting. Before it got destroyed this was one of the best constructions in the western part of Asia.

Then visit the Band-e-Amir Lake. This beautiful lake is famous across the world for its refreshing freshness. Situated in the district of Yakawlang, this lake has the best colour of turquoise and azur which gives a perfect sight to all. The deep blue colour of the lake is something extraordinarily beautiful and the entire sight mesmerizes you totally.

Then you have the Shahr-e-Golgola which is a fort in the valley. This was once a pride of this area and was destroyed by Genghis Khan.

Also visit Shahr-e-Zohak another important place of interest and enjoy this lovely journey down history.

Bamiyan Buddha

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