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Posted in Cambodia | September 1, 2012

Visit Cambodia the land of pleasurable trips and come back with a valuable travel kitty. Enjoy the beautiful regions here and bask in the pleasures of a great travel destination. Visit the Bokor National park here and experience the pleasures of a great wild life locale. Established in the 1920s by the French with a view to have a good hill stations,  Bokor has been abandoned once during the Khmer rouge era and the other time  during  the Second World War. It was recognized in the year 1993 as a national park and stretches over the provinces and regions of Cambodia and has been the haven for the tigers and elephants here.

The whole of Bokor has witnessed a lot of battles between the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese. The buildings of the Catholic Church and the casinos till today bear proof wars that have occurred here earlier. The Bokor ridge provides you with a thrill that could never be had elsewhere. The spooky misty place is a must see on travels to this part of the world. The views from here on a clear day are magnificent and enthralling.

Spending time here provides you with the best kind of accommodation and with the simple food and the beverages that are available here, the experience here is greatly enchanting. It is a great place to be in and a visit here would give you the best travel ecstasies See the sight of the two tier Popokvil Waterfall which is a great visual delight here

Bokor national Park

The road to Bokor is a great delight and though under construction, the thrill is unbelievably exciting. There are one day trips to the park which give you trekking thrills and as you walk the whole way you would surely enjoy the simply exciting experience. The national park is actually also called the Preah Monivong national Park this spans an area of around 1581 sq km and is a protected land. It has primary forests and this abound in flora and fauna and are home to the endangered chestnut headed partridge and the tiger as also the green peafowl. There are many birds and insects here which make tours here greatly attractive. The French hill station is located here and is another main travel feature

There are moist forests of the evergreen type in Bokor which provide with the verdant stretch. Then there are mixed deciduous forests with very dry dipeterocarp and which provide a lot of protection to all the animals here. These are the Asiatic black bear, the elephant, leopard, the pilested gibbon, theMalayan sunbear. Then you have the pig tailed macaque, the redmuntjac deer, the slow loris, the pangolin, the lesser mouse deer, the bat and the squirrel. More than 300 species of birds are found here and the hornbill and the other such varieties are very popular here. These nocturnal animals live in the remote regions of the Bokor national park and are permanent features here.

Unfortunately Bokor National park is still having problems of poaching and also many illegal activities. The Kamchay hydropower project is here and the park is in the process of being a World Heritage site.

Bokor national park attractions

Bokor has many foresters and rangers who have continuously been in the battle for protecting the land and who have been responsbible  for maintaining the ecosystem. Tourists here could be further benefited with the construction of a luxury resort on top of the Phnom Bokor. The ecosystem here and the added ecotourism activities are the best ways tourists could enjoy the tours to this part of the world. The national park is said to devoid of land miners and so is a greatly refreshing zone to being in this part of the world.

At a height of around 1000 metres, the Bokor hill station is a picture of perfect scenic splendour and is a beautiful travel destination in the southern coast of the beautiful region of Cambodia. Situated around 95 km from Sihanoukville on the National route No.  3, the park has the facilities for the best travel sights. The locals here help you to enjoy the trip and take you around in very little time.

Bokor national park information

Most of the Kampot accommodations here are reasonable and the street food is also very tasty. There are many restaurants here which fill your culinary tastes and also give you greatly fascinating shopping experiences

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