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Posted in Bangladesh | August 1, 2012

Located around 320 km from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, lies a lovely land filled with the pleasures of a beautiful locale and the sights of a lovely travel destination. Around 70 km from the district of Patuakhali this is a wide stretch of sandy beach area which has a length of around 30 km and a width of around 6 km. Kuakata comes from the word “Kua” which means well in Bengali. This was dug initially by the settlers in Rakhine when they were in search of water for drinking. These settlers were believed to have landed here sometime in the eighteenth century when they were thrown out of their land Myanmar. It was the Mughals who ousted them from their homeland. After the wells here were dug out, since then it has been a tradition to dig wells in the areas surrounding Rakhaine.

This is a rare destination in Bangladesh tours and people love to see the unbelievable sight of sunrise and sunset in the white beach area here. Located along the Bay of Bengal, this is one of those pristine locales that gives you the security of being in a land filled with fun and adventure. The people here are very famous for their warmth and hospitality and the spice of this place being a fisherman village makes tours here very exciting. Enjoy the sights of the fishermen here and their lifestyle and experience the pleasures of being in a totally different destination. Tourists love to see the serene ambience and the rustic surroundings that dominate the sights here. There is a huge Buddhist statue here in the region of Misry Para which lies near Kuakata.

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Kuakata is a pilgrim spot for not only the Buddhist but also the Hindu communities and so the pleasure of seeing many devotees ensures that the tourist here gets the best experience of being in a land of colourful sights. The festivals of Maghi Purnima and Rush Purnima are grandly celebrated here and people here love to experience the feel of being in a traditional land filled with idealistic sights and pleasures.

The Buddhist temple here which is around 100 years old is a great attraction here and the fact that there are two wells here dating back to 200 years, makes it all the more attractive. Tourists simply love to bask in the pleasures of being in a strange land of delights and ecstasies.

Visit Kuakata and enjoy the beautiful greenery in the Sundarbans which is a world popular locale in this part of the world. Fatrar Chor is a portion of this majestic Sundarbans the loveliest mangrove group in the world.

Kuakata is in fact locally called Shagor Konna meaning the daughter of the sea. This is a long stretch of dark sand and the length of 30 km thus makes the visual delight here a great feast for the eyes. The in built beauty of the natural ambience of the beach is something unique only to Kuakata and thus it is no surprise that this is a natural bird sanctuary and is also the spot for most of the migratory birds during winter.

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Experience the serene surroundings here mixed with the natural sights of Mother Nature and enjoy the beach experiences in the sandy seaside here. Alongwith this the scene of the blue sky looming overhead with the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal complementing the scenic splendour makes the trips here greatly enchanting.

So how exactly does one get to Kuakata ? One can reach Kuakata from Dhaka by bus from the Gabtoli Bus Stand. There are more than 5 or 6 buses  which ensure that you would have a comfortable journey. There is a direct BRTC bus service that makes travel here very convenient and comfortable. This bus is available from Dhaka to Kuakata and starts from Sayedabad Bus Terminal. There are also many ferries which take you to Kuakata.

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There is yet another way you could reach Kuakata and that is by the river boat which is called the “Launch” by the locals. The ferry takes you to Patuakhali which is an overnight journey from Kuakata.

With ideal travel pleasures, the experience  is indeed very rustic and enchanting.

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