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Posted in Bangladesh | August 1, 2010

Jutting into the Bay of Bengal the nation of Bangladesh shares its borders with Myanmar and India. Nestled in the crook of the Bay of Bengal Bangladesh is often synonymous with over population.

The majority of the people of this nation live in peaceful villages and hamlets. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh which overstuffed with people and so it Chittagong which the largest sea port.

Tourist Free!!

Rural areas in the hearty country of Bangladesh are the real catch and are filled with friendly people. Rural Bangladesh has a relaxed and spacious feel about it. The terrain of the country is mostly flat apart from the hill tract areas. The rivers of Brahmaputra, Karnaphuli, Jamuna, and the mighty Ganges flow through the plains of the country.

Rural might of Bangladesh!

It can also be labeled as the most ignored and neglected places by tourists in the South Asian region. It cannot be said as to when this attitude is going to change but get ready to experience the beautiful might of Bangladesh which has much more to offer than just being tourist free!

Bangladesh is easily accessible from the many varied locations in South Asia.

Chittagong Hill tracts are the specialty of Bangladesh which only recently cleared its restricted zone status. It is exciting and amazing to say the least.

Climatic conditions:

There are three main seasons in the country. From May to October one can experience the monsoon or the rainy season. The months of October to early February the cold or the winter season is seen. The summer or the hot season is felt in the months of March to May. Cyclones are expected at the coast during the months of May to June and October and November. During the rainy season the nation can be seen in its lush green covers. The best time to visit can be in the winter months as the summer can induce a sauna like feel.


The region of Bengal has rich cultures of ancient animism in which the natives believe all natural objects in the universe have souls. Other cultures that enrich the nation are Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. This makes up the rich folk culture of the region.

During harvest time mela or fairs take place where folk theatre is held in villages. It is a unique experience to see the many tribal cultures which haven’t changed despite the modern advances. Potter, weaving and sculptures of terra cotta were the early forms of expressing art and creativity. World renowned Bengali poets like Nasrul Islam and Rabindranath Tagore are the literary inspirations for the country.

Plant and Wildlife:

The majority of the land is fertile and arable. There is a wide array of flora found here. The magnificent animals of the region include the mighty and mysterious Royal Bengal Tiger , migratory herds of Asiatic elephants, decreasing population of the black bears, and leopards.

Land of the Bengal tigers, leopards and fishing eagles!

Gibbons , langurs, monkeys, mongoose and otter are the other animals common to this region. A huge variety of snakes, crocodiles, pythons, mud turtle, river tortoise and sea tortoise are found here. More than 600 species of birds which include the mynah bird and stunning fishing eagles and kingfishers are found here.

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