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Posted in Afghanistan | July 1, 2010

Are you fed up the cliché tourist attractions? Allow me to bring to your attention; a few places out there; that have the required historical and visual significance, you may be looking for!! Let us find out some more about the enchanting town of Bamiyan.

Bamiyan is a historical province located in central Afghanistan. Because of its stunning architectural remains, this province has been listed as very prominent historical site.

The village is twenty-five hundred meters above sea level. And the weather here is brilliant and cool compared to Kabul. The beautiful village is surrounded by the Koh-e-Baba Mountains, which is usually covered in snow. These lie to the south. In the north however, there are steep mountains which have famous carvings of Buddha.

Kanishka, the great king, developed Bamiyan into a full blown commercial and religious center. Due to the two statues of Buddha, one about thirty eight meters high and the other one about fifty five meters high. A lot of Buddhist pilgrims visited the Bamiyan village quite often. After being inhabited several times by different dynasties, and finally ending up with the Mughals. The beautiful village of Bamiyan was destroyed by Genghis khan and all the village folk were killed.

Let us take a look at some of what the extravagant village of Bamiyan has to offer :

Bot-e-Bamiyan :

The two statues, one being about thirty eight meters and the other being about fifty five were carved out of solid rock. A lot of this has been destroyed over time and the unfortunate recent Taliban attacks. However, there are still remains of the site which are well preserved. The walls on the cliffs have caves which served as resting places and sometimes even homes for the Buddhist monks who came here to visit.

There are many wall paintings that can be viewed even today.

The paintings on these walls, bear close resemblance to the paintings in the caves of Sinkiang, China.

Shaher E Gholgola

Literally meaning ‘town of noise’ – in Persian. This town is filled with many caves and is located in central Afghanistan.

This town was a common site of archaeological magnificence until Genghis Khan brought the entire town to the ground. It is said that when Genghis Khan got the town folk to surrender, while the people were begging him to spare their lives, he vowed to kill every man, woman, children and animal in the town. The screams that were heard because of the Massacre were so loud that the town was then called ‘screaming city’

Shaher e Zohak

Literally meaning ‘Red Town’. This town is also filled with caves and it is quite near Shaher e Gholgola. The towns ruins are built are three hundred and fifty feet cliffs which overlook the Tagao valley in Bamiyan. These cliffs have a high concentration of ferrous, making the color seem deep reddish. Hence this town is called ‘red town’

Come to the wonderful town of Bamiyan and relive the memories that almost changed the course of the modern world.

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    Afghanistan’s raw beauty captivates your soul and its history will move you.. Its a fantastic place to be with people who respect and strive to protect their traditions and culture..This country’s known to be astute with its military protection since times begun..

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